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Confirmed tables: AK Press, PM Press, Camas Books & Infoshop, Radical Buttons, Retail Action Network, Spartacus Books, Heart & Hands Health Collective, Drawing Wolf Studio, Black Cat Press, The Outhouse Treasury, Bean Zines, Causerie Publishing, Distro Lucia, Faustus Faustus Games. Fight back. housefulofwindows, terah li, Meika Johnson, Bug Cru, and Samuel Morgan, More Than One Street, Fools Paradise Distro, bitter burr distro, eclipse journal, Nikki Franco

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Workshop schedule:


12-12:50pm: Canada and White Supremacy

1-1:50pm: How to Fight Fascism

2-2:50pm: The Urban Anarchist Movement in Canada and the US West Coast

3-3:50pm: Syria’s Anarchists: A Report Back by Cody Bergerud

3-3:50pm: Lyndze Harvey (Anarchist Parenting and Teaching: Connecting Our Practice with our Passion)

4-4:50pm: Retail Action Network (Worker Power and Workplace Rights)


12-12:50pm: Cindy Milstein (Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief)

1-1:50pm: What’s in my baggie: field drug testing

2-2:50pm: Why legal support and radical legal solidarity is crucial to our social movements in an era of increased political repression

3-4:30: Heart and Hands (Neck & Shoulder Acupressure)

Workshop Descriptions:


12pm-12:50pm: Canada and White Supremacy

The University of Victoria Feminist Undergraduate Community Collective has struggled to address the covert and insidious white supremacy that is built right into the institutions of education in the colony of Canada. Our wall was intended to reveal the truth of racism in our communities that is so often denied as a still existing force of oppression. We present to the community our art of resistance, our project, the struggle to construct it, and the effect it had on the community. We invite you to hear this story and see that the covert nature of white supremacy exists.

1pm-1:50pm: How to Fight Fascism

The consciously organized working class could stop a
burgeoning fascist movement in its tracks. But how do we get there and do we have time? This workshop will be analysing the methods & organizations used to fight fascism, from the 1930s to the present.
This workshop is presented by Fight Back.

2pm-2:50pm-Robin Hlytka- The 21st Century Urban Anarchist Movement in Canada and the US West Coast

This workshop will explore the contemporary anarchist movement in urban centres of Canada and the West Coast of the United States, primarily focusing on anarchist spaces. The aim of the workshop is to delineate the rich repertoire of infrastructure-building in various cities, tracking some of the differences in tactics and services offered to their communities. In the past 15 years, anarchist projects with a physical space in North America have included infoshops, social centers, workers’ cooperatives, publishers, hackerspaces, libraries, cafés, an art gallery and a social club. These groups foster a community presence and a collective identity, and are prefigurative because the participants’ political visions are embodied in the organizations and activities they sustain and develop. Collectively, these anarchist projects create an infrastructure of resistance that challenges capitalist socioeconomic assumptions while simultaneously providing alternative forms of non-hierarchical social organizations and relationships

3pm-3:50pm: Syria’s Anarchists: A Report Back by Cody Bergerud

Over the last year, armed forces of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava) have been battling against ISIS and Syrian government forces to expand their territories and provide sanctuary to thousands fleeing oppression. The anarchist revolution in Rojava, which is dedicated to establishing a poly-ethnic society based on grass roots democratic structures, gender equality, freedom of religion, cooperative economics, and ecological responsibility is one of the most important developments in the Middle East. Please join Cody Bergerud, who served as a medic in Rojava, for an update on the current situation.

3pm-3:50pm Lyndze Harvey: Anarchist Parenting and Teaching: Connecting Our Practice with Our Passion

Abstract: Over the last few years, as a parent, educator, and researcher, I have spent countless hours engaged in the question of how to avoid interacting with kids in a way that teaches them to be docile, obedient, individualistic, and disconnected. Contemporary, mainstream, and conventional approaches to parenting/teaching do not encourage the type of thinking that is associated with social change, self actualisation, or moral consciousness, but rather relies on the belief that war is the law of social order, which means that parents and teachers remain preoccupied with compliance and uncomfortable with child/student empowerment. Most startling is that even those who are ardent about teaching kids to resist, and consider themselves to be ‘progressive’ or even ‘radical’ educators or parents, fail to align their passion with their practice. In this presentation, I examine the barriers that keep us chained to this unhappy paradigm, such as the belief that kids need boundaries, without the control of children chaos would ensue, and the widespread need to perform a specific concept of the role of ‘responsible adult.’ But the focus of this interactive discussion will be on interrupting this narrative and making the connection between what is already rooted in our anarchist philosophy and the ways in which we can understand, interact with, and support kids in practice. Come and explore another perspective on solidarity!

About the Author: Lyndze Harvey is currently working towards a PhD in the Social, Cultural, and Foundational Studies department in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria. She has recently completed a thesis discussing why moral education should be abandoned, and proposing it is replaced with ‘Pedagogies of Resistance.’ This work, directed towards North American, contemporary educators, utilises concepts of critical pedagogy to encourage teacher transformation through “the praxis of ‘letting go’” and a three-part approach to teaching resistance in the common classroom. Lyndze is also mother to two little rebels under six and has worked in education (both conventional and outdoor) for nearly 15 years.

4pm-5:30pm-Retail Action Network: Worker Power and Workplace Rights

Join the Retail Action Network for a workshop on your legal rights in the workplace and discussion on how to increase the power we have as workers.


12pm-12:50pm Cindy Milstein- Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief

We can bear almost anything when it is worked through collectively. Grief is generally thought of as something personal and insular, but when we publicly share loss and pain, we lessen the power of the forces that debilitate us, while at the same time building the humane social practices that alleviate suffering and improve quality of life for everyone. Addressing what in a better world would be unnecessary losses–for instance, due to colonialism or capitalism, climate catastrophe or borders, killer cops or displacement, white supremacy or patriarchy–this workshop will explore how mourning can pry open spaces of contestation and reconstruction, empathy and solidarity.

1pm-1:50pm- Evan- What’s in my baggie? Field drug testing

This workshop is for harm reduction. Drug use will continue regardless of state imposed laws. People who choose to use drugs deserve to be able to do so safety.

This workshop will go over simple drug testing techniques able to be preformed by individuals without a science background. We will be using color mnemonic reagent tests with thin layer chromatography to separate potential mixtures.

The workshop will be using over the counter medication such as aspirin for demonstration purposes. People are welcome to bring samples to test off Fernwood NRG property after the workshop but please consider the following. This workshop is open to the public, bringing know or suspected illegal substances is incriminating. Only a match head sized amount is needed for test. Do not bring more than is needed for a test for the safety of you and those around you. All substances are destroyed in the testing process.

2pm-2:50pm- Kris Hermes: Why legal support and radical legal solidarity is crucial to our social movements in an era of increased political repression

Drawing on a case study that took place more than a decade ago, author and longtime activist Kris Hermes will discuss why radical legal support is crucial to sustained political activism and social movements.

Hermes wrote /Crashing the Party: Legacies and Lessons from the RNC as a means of showing the extent to which the state will go to repress political activity—today’s policing model was largely developed during this period—and the types of creative strategies and tactics that activists did and still can employ to push back on the legal system and its consequences.

Hermes will facilitate discussion around these questions and more:

* What are legal collectives and why are they important to our
political movements?
* How can we organize militant political actions in ways that are
likely to mitigate legal harm?
* Why is solidarity among arrestees so important to their legal outcomes?
* Why is encouraging solidarity with arrestees so vital to sustaining
our political movements?

Hermes will also draw on recent examples of legal crackdowns on
dissidents, such as the malicious prosecutions of ‘black bloc’
protesters arrested in Washington, DC on Inauguration Day 2017, and upcoming actions expected to take place against pipeline construction in Coast Salish territory.

3pm-4:30-Heart and Hands Collective- Neck and Shoulder Acupuncture

Pain in the neck? Weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you a teeth grinder?

Learn a simple and relaxing sequence of acupressure points that will release tension, decrease pain and relieve stress. Done with a partner, this sequence is safe, easy to learn, provide relief for a variety of stress-related tensions and
help build mind-body awareness. Participants will work in pairs.

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