Support indigenous land defenders

For those who don’t know, Sacheen (Xhopakelxhit) and Joe James’ Crow are members of the Ahousaht First Nation of the Nuu-chul-nulth people located on unceeded Nuu-chul-nulth territory. They are passionate, committed land defenders who have dedicated their lives to preserving Nuu-chul-nulth culture for future generations. Sacheen has been involved, among other things, in direct action against imperial mines (Mount Polley) and were also part of the Red Warrior Action camp down in Standing Rock, North Dakota last summer. Unfortunately, their family has recently been dealing with hard times. Crow was severely injured in an accident and has now been hospitalized for many months. As a result, Sacheen and her children have had to relocate from Ahousaht to Vancouver to be in close proximity to Crow. In these challenging times, Sacheen and her family are asking for donations to help with their living situation. Many of us consider Sacheen and Crow friends, and we feel it is our responsibility to support them during this time.
These are the ways you can help. Directly donate through the gofund me account in the link below ( We will also be accepting donations at the bookfair.

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